i've been away - using some of my spare time to do the following things.

  • organize solo & ensemble festival at the middle school
  • run, run, run!
  • craft my husband's valentine's day gift, which you'll see on the blog when it's finished
  • sit and do nothing (i couldn't lie - as in i couldn't tell a lie, not "i couldn't lie down," which i'm sure you understood but i needed to be sure.)
in the meantime, there's (always) a short list of things i want to have in the near future.  here are those things.

dymo labelmaker and tape (the push kind, not the digital kind) from urban outfitters.

record player.  i've already started collecting records. 
this will have to wait until i have the funds, and until i find the right one.

a pretty new bag, like this pink one.

a pretty dress to wear for the upcoming weddings this spring.

a couple of the weddings are in chicago.  i'm really looking forward to being there again.  there are certain places i can remember as if they are photographs in front of my real eyes.  and then there are some that i'm sure i'm beginning to lose.  my brain will create things to fill the holes until my idea of chicago becomes a fantastic painting.  but then, i hope we don't stop going to visit the city.  i hope the holes are filled with real things instead.

have a great day.

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