yankee hotel foxtrot

behold - a samsonite carry on. a little over one dollar from the thrift store.

it's in good shape. i'm going to embroider something fun onto it with yarn
and use it either for a camera bag or a work bag or something of the sort.

for valentine's day this year, i bought will some really sweet tee shirts, but i also spent a couple of weeks making him a book called 10 things i love about you, which was inspired by elsie of a beautiful mess.

i've posted parts of it.  enjoy.

from the exclusive company today:

i've always enjoyed wilco, but i also chose this album because of its chicago references.  notice the "corncobs" on the front cover.  these are parking towers downtown that are called something other than corncobs, but, like many other chicago landmarks, it was best known by its nickname.  on the back cover and inside i found pictures of the skyline, michigan avenue and the lake.

we've listened to it twice already.  it's amazing.

tomorrow evening i'm practicing with the bar tab band in preparation for a gig on saturday the 20th at st. brendan's in green bay.  if you're reading and you live in the area you should come.  i'm really looking forward to it. 

cheers. molly

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