on happiness

will and i were talking last night about how to be happy.  there are too many reasons to feel stressed out and star to feel down.  luckily, when one of us is down, the other is usually up enough to talk sensibly.  we discussed that being happy is something you have to do, like an act.  to be happy.  a choice, we decided (or remembered, because i'm sure we've had this conversation before.)

it's one reason that i blog.  i'm collecting things that i love.  allowing my brain to bathe in what it enjoys looking at, writing, listening to, etc.

and now, a few favorites.

delicious diet coke.  and i like this print, but i do prefer to drink it from a can.  something about the metallic taste.  two cans a day, sometimes.  i think it's to blame for keeping me up at night once in a while.

sushi.  really really fresh sushi.  and i think if u were to ask will or me where our favorite place is we'd say clark st., chicago - sushi para II.  all you can eat sushi and byob.  the best deal ever.

great pens.  i write a lot and have too many journals to keep track of anymore.  most of what i write is fluff, but when you write often enough you find something to say. so i have a thing for good quality pens.  they're one of those little luxuries that are worth the extra dollar or two.

regina spektor.  she owns her style and has such a pretty voice.  one of her songs makes me think of the part of will and me that took place three years ago in the city.  my studio apartment.  the 12th floor on west wrightwood, around the corner from the lake.  he told me around that time that the song "fidelity" made him think of me.  because our relationship would be nothing without chance or fate, which has always made it feel very delicate and special. 
suppose i never ever saw you/suppose you never ever called.

thank you for reading.  :)

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