this is the fourth valentine's day i will have spent with will.

sushi in lakeview
blue man group at the briar street theatre.  cabs everywhere.
he wore gel in his hair (which he laughs about today).
and i wore a blazer (i guess i was treating it like an interview.  it was early.)

homemade dinner
steak and crab legs.  fancy.
i think maybe we thought we were too broke to do something else.
but we probably paid a lot of money for crab legs.

basil leaf cafe
one of my favorites in lincoln park
then a movie downtown, which always felt special.
more cabs.  always cabs.
"there will be blood."
will bought me a really good pencil sharpener that year, which i still love.

big tomatoes in downtown green bay.
-isn't it wierd?
-yeah!  i mean, maybe not.
-i guess it's not weird.
-just weird if you think about it a lot.
enjoying the record player, falling asleep early.

some deliciously inspiring images from weheartit.

i think everyone should see the world through these.

this makes me think of sarah's room in labyrinth.


the beautiful colors drew me to these cupcakes.

sipping tea

riding the line between creepy and artful.

i like this - very 70s. 

the most beautiful red couch in the world.

i'm posting this one, even though it makes me cringe.
someone needs to release some of that bow's tension.  we're playing music, not shooting deer.
(looks like one of my 6th graders got a hold of it.)

pianos are always photogenic.

-she's in love.
-i don't even know her.
-yes you do!
-since when?
-since forever. in your dreams!

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