[five things] for fun

five things i'm looking forward to.
four o'clock today when the weekend officially begins.
weekend mornings with will.
playing some fiddle tomorrow night at the gig.
all of the weddings that are coming up.
summer vacation.

five things i did yesterday.
conducted a sixth grade orchestra.
ran on the treadmill at our clubhouse.
made dinner for will after he got back from training.
read another chapter of my miranda july book.

five things i wish i could do.
visit chicago, very soon. (ride the 22, go to north ave beach, walk michigan ave, visit west belden school, etc.) 
knit and crochet.
run outside instead of on a machine.
buy a new record every day.
vacation somewhere warm.


five places i'd like to travel to.
new york, because i've never been there, which i can't believe.
negril, jamaica (again).

five cute things i found online lately.

these cute dresses from uo

this photo for our bathroom.

another pretty summer dress

this tree tapestry from uo.

red bird change purse from bonspiel.

unsourced photos from weheartit.

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