part of me feels guilty for blogging about this.  but mornings are such a great time for me.  i can't help myself.

on weekdays, will gets up to the sound of a dog barking on his cell phone, which is cute, because it reminds me that he wants a dog one day.  (we're thinking about a boston terrier.)  he rolls out of bed and takes a shower.

now, i'm awake.  i sit up in bed and wait until the shower sound is over so that i can talk to him.  this morning he told me about his dream. 

- we were living in my dad's house.
- really?  i don't know if i could live with bailey. (their overzealous dog who loves my crotch.)
- well, you weren't there.  it was just me and ben and molly.  all grown up. 
- that's weird.  where were their families?
- i don't know.  and bailey wasn't there either.  just a bunch of skunks.  big ones and baby ones, and they were spraying everyone.

a skunk recently died (or maybe she just sprayed and is still alive) somewhere within a mile of our apartment building, which we've been talking about every time we step outside.

will puts on a suit.  for a short time every morning he's wearing suit pants and a tee shirt, which i think is funny.  maybe there's a tooth brush in his mouth.  about once a week there's shave cream on his face.

at 7:30 he gives me a kiss goodbye and i get out of bed.  i come out of the bedroom to find laundry that needs to be folded and put away, maybe dishes.  i cue up a record before i start.  this morning it's bob dylan.  i start a pot of coffee and breathe a sigh of relief that i don't have to drive to work for another couple of hours. 

once the folding and putting away and bedmaking etc are over, the coffee is ready.  i bring my coffee to the computer desk.  i read news and blogsurf for a while.  this is the time i usually post my own entries. 

one moment please, the record needs flipping.

my list of favorite blogs gets longer and longer.  you can check the bottom right side of this page for a short list.  not comprehensive by any means, as one blog inevitably leads me to another - a process that never ends.  i feel connected and find inspiration.

when i feel satisfied with my work, i start to get ready.  it feels nice to get ready in a leisurely fashion.  i never feel rushed, and it makes for a good start to my day.  will sends a text. usually involving the words "love u" and "hope you have a great day today."  i grab a lunch when i'm ready and put it in my bag.  keys, wallet, phone.  lock the door.  drive for 45 minutes.  and the chaos begins.

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