goals, sort of.

i sewed a little owl with no legs or mouth out of felt yesterday, which i guess is okay because he could be sitting and owls don't usually have mouths anyway. (just the beak, right?)  what's wrong is that it's about all i've made in the last week.  some people blog for a living, some make crafts, some are stay at home moms who have a little time here and there to make things.  i teach children to play instruments that sound really really bad sometimes (violins, etc.)  the only way i could possibly come home with a bigger headache is if these children were middle schoolers.  wait.. they are. 

at least there are no drums or horns involved. 

point is that i rarely come home in the mood to craft.  as it is, i'm giving myself a huge pat on the back for coming home and managing to blindly throw on workout clothes before i change my mind and spend 45 minutes on the treadmill.  if i find the time to be artsy, i at least need to be artsy and fit vs artsy and chubby.  not that there's anything wrong with that combination. 

goals to be accomplished in an amount of time i'd rather not specify so as not to stress myself out too much:
  • learn to use that %$#&@ sewing machine that's sitting on our dining room table (that should be today).
  • accumulate more photos/prints through whatever method to get my walls decorated for good.
  • make keychains for parents.  (any good ideas for a dad?)
  • produce will's valentine's day gift. 
  • schedule a photo shoot at bay beach with my diana.
i took my diana to work and photographed the cellos and basses in my room.  i think they'll prove to be rather photogenic, especially in lomo.  those will come soon.


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