goals, sort of.

i sewed a little owl with no legs or mouth out of felt yesterday, which i guess is okay because he could be sitting and owls don't usually have mouths anyway. (just the beak, right?)  what's wrong is that it's about all i've made in the last week.  some people blog for a living, some make crafts, some are stay at home moms who have a little time here and there to make things.  i teach children to play instruments that sound really really bad sometimes (violins, etc.)  the only way i could possibly come home with a bigger headache is if these children were middle schoolers.  wait.. they are. 

at least there are no drums or horns involved. 

point is that i rarely come home in the mood to craft.  as it is, i'm giving myself a huge pat on the back for coming home and managing to blindly throw on workout clothes before i change my mind and spend 45 minutes on the treadmill.  if i find the time to be artsy, i at least need to be artsy and fit vs artsy and chubby.  not that there's anything wrong with that combination. 

goals to be accomplished in an amount of time i'd rather not specify so as not to stress myself out too much:
  • learn to use that %$#&@ sewing machine that's sitting on our dining room table (that should be today).
  • accumulate more photos/prints through whatever method to get my walls decorated for good.
  • make keychains for parents.  (any good ideas for a dad?)
  • produce will's valentine's day gift. 
  • schedule a photo shoot at bay beach with my diana.
i took my diana to work and photographed the cellos and basses in my room.  i think they'll prove to be rather photogenic, especially in lomo.  those will come soon.



before the sun gets up

i can sleep in a little today, but i'm up at 5:30 instead.  i think i get so excited when i can relax in the daytime and watch morning shows and drink coffee and blog surf and such.  so here i am, like a kid on christmas morning.  it's still dark.  tomorrow i'd like to pick a style school project to do.  maybe the sketch book one. 

in the meantime - some inspirational pictures. 


flickr, weeds, etc.

i did it.  i posted my photos of handmade stuff on flickr for the class to see!  warning to all classmates: i'm not an art student, and i won't pretend to be.  just a musician with some creativity to spare.
will and i watched the entire second season of weeds.  what is nancy going to do now?

and i've been taking diana pictures as much as possible.  today i took a picture of a sandwich, and of will doing laundry.  you never know when a good picture will happen.  before the end of this week i'm going to go take pictures of the claw machines in the entryway of walmart and all of the surrounding riff raffs.  tonight i punked out.  it was too much for me.

i'm having the now weekly glass or two of chilean pinot.  will's playing call of duty with his headset on.  talking to his old frat buddies (who knew i'd marry a frat guy?  --and by the way will hates when i say that) and playing .. against them?  on a team with them?  whilst shooting digital, scarily realistic solidiers.  i'll never understand how this is therapeutic.  my therapy includes the following:  green tea, playing an instrument (preferably the violin), making something that turns out to be nice and pretty, reading, shopping (which results in pretty things), taking pictures, etc.  will's therapy includes jiu jitsu (which he works really hard at and takes really seriously), watching ufc, fighting digital people with old frat friends, and .. reading and drinking tea.  so we share a few of them.

as much as we do different things and sometimes come from different parts of the universe, we're also sewn together at the soul, i think.  like how when we're watching something, and there will be one moment, one that's not so obviously funny to the whole world but that has a certain tickle to it for me, and we both laugh really hard.  when we realize we're both laughing for real (not that polite, "ah, this comedy is fantastic" chuckle that you know everyone can see through), like so real your face goes all over the place, we get tickled again and laugh harder.  those moments are really cool.  like when the red headed boy farted on weeds in season two.  stupid, i know, but these moments matter to us. 

but, while we're on the topic, things that bother me about weeds (which i love, by the way):
  1. nancy's oral fixation.  i know that chilled coffee cup has only ice left in it.  please stop mouth breathing seductively around the straw in between sentences, pretending you're looking to drink more, when we all know it's empty.  i'll be the first to say that mary louise parker is beautiful, don't get me wrong.  i actually want to color my hair again after seeing her on screen.  but please - stop with the mouth. 
  2. her high school son, who has the 'tude of a middle schooler.  (believe me, i know.  i spend lots of time with middle schoolers.)
  3. peter's unbelievable (but somehow believable) personality swap.  one day he's husband of the year, the next he's accosting the kids and using the "n" word.  my theory?  the actor was hard to deal with so they began planning his demise and, in turn, turning the audience off to him.  so he's a jerk.  and now he's dead.  okay, okay.
and now tina and tim are coming for game night.  goodnight, everyone.  :)


excuse me?


really?  is this supposed to be a joke?  a "play on words," if you will? 
well, i won't.  because it's just ridiculous.

a peek inside the style file:

not comprehensive.  just some of it for you to see.


preliminary planning for a wall cluster. 
the album frame will be used for the diy faux polaroid project from elsie's class.

an accumulation of instruments makes for enjoyable clutter.
two violins (electric and acoustic), three guitars, a keyboard, a djembe and a didjeridoo!

here is my wreath for the bathroom, with appropriate bathroom colors (white, gray, turquoise). 

and my wreath for the entryway.  (our living room includes lots of reds.)

later: inside my style file.  it's time to go to work.


the sound of friday

the friday sigh.

yesterday, i drove with knuckles the color of the snow that carelessly fell on wisconsin.  i was sure i wouldn't make it to work, and then i was just as sure i wouldn't make it home.  when i did, i unlocked the door, drank tea and breathed deeply.  we got our new teapot [seafoam], and will his new gi [bright red]. 

my diana came.  i had to remember how to load film.  [i'm just old enough to have done it for a couple of years when i was younger.]  i took some pictures.  there's nothing to look at outside, right now.  white snow and barren trees.  that reminds me, i should buy some vitamin d. 

style school begins on sunday.  i'm so motivated, and so very excited.  tomorrow i'll finish my binder and practice using my new sewing machine.  sunday, i'll pick up the supplies i need for the first few projects.

i've started on one of the thrifted purses i have.  the gold one.  i plan to add some more to it.  have a look.



will and i are expecting a porcelain teapot (with infuser!) in the mail soon.
that lovely new teapot, along with these pretty little thrifted teacups, will help support our enormous tea habit.

also from the thrift store.  i thought these purses had some potential.
i don't know what to do with them yet.

from my mom.  a giant jar full of buttons and some clothespins.  thank you. :)

also from marcy - a 45s box from the record store. 
take a peek at the inside.


this year, i want to paint more,
learn to knit and crochet,
use my sewing machine lots,
take beautiful pictures,
and keep writing.  i've got to always keep writing,
because it's how i stay sane.



back and forth forever

fabric from joann's.  two great prints and two rich solids.
(these will most likely become pillow skins.)

katherine's leather bow key chain idea.  they were really fun to make!
i made the black one for emma for christmas. 
the brown ones are coming with me to my parents house so that my mom can choose one for herself.

my first embroidery project!
if you've seen me and you and everyone we know you're laughing right now.
if you haven't, i'm hoping it still carries a little bit of meaning.
i'm working on collecting some nice, small, round things. 
i'd like a nice little cluster of them on one of our walls.

will decided to make something of his own. tuna noodle salad. it was delicious.