record player

the robinsons are now the proud owners of a record player.  yes.

thank you will for the beautiful idea.  and thank you mom and dad for helping to be sure the process was done right, because you know this stuff.  i remember when my dad used to spend hours standing over a used, broken vcr with a screwdriver until it was a functioning machine.  he spent time today hooking up my record player.  he made sure there was a good receiver and excellent speakers.  and what better library to rent from than the levine's house? 

today, from the library, we're enjoying sly and the family stone, early elton john, zeppelin II, let it be, and the best of john prine.  from our own scratchy thrift store collection we have johnny cash at san quentin, carole king's tapestry, gershwin (an american in paris, porgy and bess, rapsody in blue), and cat stevens' tea for the tillerman.

gorgeous.  music the way it was meant to be heard.

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