well at least

if there's not a reason to celebrate
you should look for one.

you can be calm for now.
(somebody else is driving)

you may discover
over tea and toast
that i'm not who you think i am.

today is a saturday that feels like a sunday, which is like saying i saw a sparrow that looked like a crow.  the thing is, it's been a long week of successes and mistakes.  incidentally, i've decided it's better to have just one category.  successes or mistakes.  what's hard is the combination.  you feel bad celebrating when you've spoiled it with something else that went wrong.  so you just sit in one place while your mind bounces between i can't believe i phrases and  well at least i ones.

well at least i'm healthy.
well at least i have will.
well at least i have a job.

tonight we go to the levines' for dinner and the company of the alexanders.  we'll bring our records back to their massive record library and come home with a lovely new batch.  i had a dream that i accidentally ruined all of the records we're borrowing right now.  that's the way i've been dreaming lately.

well at least i have my violin to play.
well at least i have all of my limbs.

there's always something to worry about.  the only thing i do about that is to stop feeling worried.

well at least it's sunny today.


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