eleven things i love

1. chuck taylors - the dirtier the better.

2. interesting bed spots

3. moleskine journals

4. fingerless gloves

5. this photo (making music, drinking tea)

6. this look

7. the smell of sunscreen

8. red lipstick (and audrey, of course)

9. big sweaters + floral print

10. ornate thrift store dessert dishes

11. bird tattoos

1 comment:

  1. I have thrift store dishes like that. I've been collecting. Also wore my mom's old red chucky t's all last weekend for John's grandma's funeral. We bought them together when I was in sixth grade and shared them, though I think she wore them more when I was in high school but I snagged them back after she died and have been enjoying wearing them again. They are low tops and awesome.

    John is in town the weekend but gone for the next two. If you could talk to Will and see when you guys are open that would be great as I am going to book that week up so we don't go insane so I kind of need to know what's up.

    Love to ya