while enjoying the end of weeds season five disc one, i asked will to give me a hand massage.  best thing ever.  i guess i work my hands pretty rigorously during the day.  i should get these puppies insured.  it's especially intense on tuesdays when i teach all day at school (conducting, playing various string instruments) followed by three straight hours of private violin lessons. 

hand pain aside, there is one student - and i feel horrible for saying this, because he's very sweet and he's just getting started - who plays his violin about as loud as it goes.  in the tiniest of practice rooms.  i don't think he even realizes it, because he's so concerned with the rhythm and the fingerings that he must not have the capacity to even imagine there's anything else.  like volume.  i told him in my most patient voice to lighten up with his right hand, please.  please.  lighten up that lead hand, young man. 

-float the bow. 
-okay, pretend there was a little man sitting on your right hand before and now he got up and left. 
-barely touch the bow to the string. 
-imagine it's a pillow.  or feathers.  air.  now try again. 
-oh wow. okay, let's try something else. 

it was one of those moment where the volume was so high that i could actually feel the headache happen from nothing.  it was so clear to me, like i could touch the headache.  or see it.  and then i was distracted because i was trying to remember if i still had ibuprofen in my bag.  should i take it while he's in the room, or is he going to tell his mom i'm a pill popper?  maybe i'll wait until he leaves. 

the next girl played as quiet as a mouse, scroll pointed directly at the floor.  and she stared at me while she played instead of the music.  was there something on my face?  the notes of the song, perhaps?  it was getting too late in the day for me to focus.  maybe she was on the same page as i was.

these stories could go on and on.  as you could probably imagine.  but will's going to bed.  i'll go sit in there with the tv on a notch above mute until my head stops swimming and i begin to feel tired.  i just need to get the variations of twinkle twinkle out of my brain.

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