look what i can do

i've decided to go back to school to get my general music certification.  i taught the subject in chicago for two years, but never had the official licensure (i'm a licensed instrumental music educator in wisconsin and in illinois).

this will open some doors and give me some new opportunities.  it gives me more utility, and it's going to make it easier for me to teach full time.


  • i tried cruise control for the first time while driving to work.  not bad.  i can see why people do it.
  • i switched all of my students positions in the orchestra and was reminded once again how much whinier my 8th graders are than my 7th graders.
  • i called uw-oshkosh, which brought me one step closer to a general music certification.
  • i have a staff meeting, before which i plan to grab a soy cappuccino from starbucks with found dollars (source: dryer).
  • i'll teach one, half-hour lesson before freedom.
have a wonderful, sunny, nearly tee-shirt weather day.

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