we are so wisconsin

here's our big block of frozen deer meat - obtained and donated by andy from will's work. 
as will's sister put it "the real free range meat."
and to the left is will's wedding ring, which he takes off when he helps me cook.

boiling potatoes while we cooked the venison with the onions and butter, carrots, corn and peas.


pre-oven, assembled shepherd's pie

into the oven for a half an hour on 400.

i have no photos of the finished result.  picture the above with more of a golden brown look.  i think we were so eager to eat we forgot about the camera.  and i won't embarass my husband or myself by telling you how much we devoured in one sitting.  but it was really delicious and moist and only slightly deer-ish.

we'll add this to our list of nice dinners we've made using wild game from friends.  pheasant alfredo, venison stir fry, and now shepherd's pie with venison.  yum.  

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