eleven things i love

1. north avenue beach. 
we used to walk there in the summertime.  i won't forget will and drew dragging the cooler full of beer, stopping frequently to drink some to lighten the load.

2. hanging laundry, and the beautiful color of this house.

3.  this birds-on-a-wire wall decal

4. this look.  (funky sweater, skirt with tights, and the camera looks beautiful too!)

5.  dearest neil.  an eternal favorite.

6. this minty blue nail polish

8. the beautiful sound of the sitar

9. these paintings by rosiemusic

10. riding in cabs at night

11. delicate dresses with dark tights

unsourced photos from weheartit


  1. What lovely picks! Especially love the sound of the sitar - my mum used to play (we still have it in our home) and the first time I saw Ravi Shankar live I wept

  2. i'm dying to paint my nails that color!