thursday after school

last night i made my pocket pillow.  stay tuned for pictures.  but tonight at 7 i'll be conducting my 6th grade orchestra in concert and won't be able to drive home and come back before then.  so here i am.  and i need three hours to pass by quickly.  here are some photos that i felt inspired by.

a minty blue and sunshine yellow version of my grandpa's fish shacks.

everyone in the city needs this contraption.  and look at that yellow.

a lady riding a pink flamingo.  that's all.

this reminded me of the scene from my 22nd floor laundry room windows in chicago.  it was the west side of chicago at sunset, and it was flatter, because the west side didn't have tall buildings.  but still.

and this one looks more like the northeast side, with its old buildings and neutral colors.

i like when it's just a little out of focus.  this came up during my search for "bright pink."

and today at the thrift store i got these things: a vintage suitcase, "for to keep my supplies in," embroidery thread, which i forgot to get last night for my pillow, some lace, and a polaroid spirit 600.  i spent five dollars altogether.  if anyone knows the best way to secure a film cartridge, please let me know.  i'll try ebay.

future purchases might include: an old purse to decorate, some mens "fishing shirts" (that's what it said on the rack.  picture manly colors in plaid), some old sheets, a lamp shade to add things to, and maybe some tea cups, but my sister in law (also molly, who is very crafty) was right about their size.  they are very small.  maybe they can be espresso cups.

i'm babbling.  time to move on.  peace.  [next up - pictures of my scrappy little pocket pillow.  did anyone think of putting a little picture of a baby kangaroo in there?]

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