i really think you'll like me

name. molly claire (levine) robinson
where i'm from. green bay, wisconsin.  i studied music in college in madison, then moved to chicago for three years, then got married this summer and moved back to green bay.
current obsession. learning to make cute things, updating my wardrobe, decorating
favorite collection. i like looking at vintage things, but need to learn how to buy them.
favorite trends. patterned tights, headbands, bright lipstick
high school clubs and other stuff. everything drama, dance and music, english club (like mathletes for grammar dorks), and always always always violin.
what u hope to learn in style school.  i want to learn how to make things that will jazz up my wardrobe and home.  i want to bask in my own personal style. :)
which projects are u most looking forward to? the quote pillow, the headband, the apron, and everything else!
five things that inspire me.  independent musicians, film, vintage fashion, blogs and websites, city life

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