pillow + garland

will drove me in horrible weather to walmart so i could pick up some supplies for my first project, which was so nice of him.  i was feeling ready to tackle the pocket pillow. but no doilies at walmart - so sad.  and too much snow to go to the craft store.  this horrible "lace" had a plasticky sheen to it, but i had to get creative.

a close up on my button closure.  i loved that brown fabric.

my pocket.

i was starting to get a feeling that there's too much fabric when i was stuffing the pillow. 
will claims to have noticed, too, but didn't want to say anything.

and it turns out i was right.  that evening i ended up with a "manute bol" pillow. 
the next morning i woke up and fixed it before i went to work. 
[just don't look at the blanket stitch on the bottom.]

here is my thrift store suitcase and its contents.

following katherine's tutorial, i tried some finger garland.  lots of imperfections,
but then i've got a lot of practicing to do.  it's the fattest yarn ever and this bright yellow caught my eye.  i made it while watching it's always sunny in philadelphia, which i think is appropriate.  :)

today i'll be making some things, but they're meant to be christmas gifts,
so i'll post them privately until after they're opened!

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