darling shoes in the palest pink

red shoes - my favorite.

black and white stripes.  so french.

gray city

big, cute tee shirt and big, cute glasses.

i wonder what they're talking about.

my holiday has been nice.
a short six hours to petoskey,
where lakes carry chunks of ice [like soup].
a new pair of boots from the boys section
make me look like olive oil in my skinny jeans.

i talk [listen] at length with will's grandma about clothing,
cooking, fingernails, morning shows, etc.
we barely play the music while she's in the car.
i choose iron + wine.
disc 2 will be perfect.
music that's soft like a new kitten.
volume so low
all u hear is the percussive sound
of lips and teeth making consonants
and fingers plucking strings. 
it's hard to detect the key, even,
and i wonder if she's thinking
"these kids and their loud music,"
"i can barely hear it."

a long six hours home
weeds like a brush's bristles
poke through the snow.

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