no one else has them

when all of the fun, artsy blogs i've been following insisted there would be owls at the thrift store,
they weren't kidding.  look at this fun one i found.

robinson crusoe + jane eyre = owl pedestal

his new home.  i wonder where he's been before.

an inexpensive assortment of fabrics. 
the men's shirt and the yellow floral bed sheet are my favorites.

front and back of pillow number 1

pillow number 2.  spawned from a delicate pink pillow case.
i'd like all of this to result in an eccentric gang of living room pillows. 

a conversation between me and will.
-do you like them?
-yes.  no one else has them.

i was blog surfing, as i often do, and came upon this one.  this woman was once working with orphans in haiti, and while what i did in chicago doesn't come close, what she said in an interview really tore me open.  she's placed glasses over my blurry eyes.  this is how said blogger answered the following questions.

1. Why did you start your blog?
-I went to Haiti to work with orphans for the first time three years ago. When I got home, I remember sitting on a closed toilet seat in my house and bawling my eyes out because I felt like I couldn't make a difference anymore. My life since that night has been a process of learning how wrong I was. That trip was the beginning of my whirlwind - three years, six transfers and five moves later, I've come to believe that you can make a difference from wherever you are, no matter who you are. This blog is 1. my way of blooming wherever I am planted and 2. my way of celebrating normal people making a difference from where they are at.

2. What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
-I hope to notice the little things. I hope to think less about myself, and more about the causes other people are promoting. I hope to tell the stories of people who don't tell their own, whether that be the orphans I've met, the friends I have that are devoting years to working with human rights overseas, or the way my grandfather makes me laugh, every single day.

3. Describe your blog in one sentence.
-I think I could better describe it with a quote. "This is the urgency: Live and have your blooming in the midst of the whirlwind." - Gwendolyn Brooks

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