the sound of friday

the friday sigh.

yesterday, i drove with knuckles the color of the snow that carelessly fell on wisconsin.  i was sure i wouldn't make it to work, and then i was just as sure i wouldn't make it home.  when i did, i unlocked the door, drank tea and breathed deeply.  we got our new teapot [seafoam], and will his new gi [bright red]. 

my diana came.  i had to remember how to load film.  [i'm just old enough to have done it for a couple of years when i was younger.]  i took some pictures.  there's nothing to look at outside, right now.  white snow and barren trees.  that reminds me, i should buy some vitamin d. 

style school begins on sunday.  i'm so motivated, and so very excited.  tomorrow i'll finish my binder and practice using my new sewing machine.  sunday, i'll pick up the supplies i need for the first few projects.

i've started on one of the thrifted purses i have.  the gold one.  i plan to add some more to it.  have a look.

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